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Counselling                                    £50

Supervision                                    £50


Andrea is a sensitive, knowledgeable and professional practitioner. I had the pleasure to work with her during my training as a counsellor where she gave me supervision in a college setting. Andrea was a fantastic tutor, showing patience and injecting humour whilst supporting her group of students. She was an engaging lecturer, thorough teacher and I would have no problem recommending her or working with her again.

Andrea is the only person I have ever felt comfortable talking to about personal issues within 10 minutes. She has a calming approach to conversation and breaks every preconceived idea of lying on a couch just being asked ‘how does that make you feel’ she is a real and honest person and I almost felt like she could cry with me as I opened up. If you want to sit in silence Andrea won’t stop you and once you begin to open up she’ll guide you gently not rush you out the door.


Andrea Berry

Andrea has been counselling clients for 15 years and has worked within the NHS, Gloucestershire counselling service (counselling and supervising) and also local substance misuse services, specialising in addiction, where she worked as a counselling supervisor and Counsellor.

In 2010, Andrea started up her own counselling practice and offers counselling on a one to one basis and also offer’s one to one and group counselling supervision to other counsellors (Qualified and trainees).

Andrea chose to study the ‘Psychodynamic’ model of counselling as felt the depth of the work was of more interest to her working to look at the ‘whole’ person and acknowledging the events of the past and the effect that they have on the present. She offers short and long term (open ended) counselling. Generally short term counselling is more appropriate to deal with a specific issue, whereas open ended allows the counsellor and client to explore a wider range of issues to a greater depth.

Andrea works in a friendly manner and she will offer you respect and support without judging you. She will work sympathetically with you at your own pace. By sharing your thoughts and feelings with her, you will be building a relationship with her and no longer managing things all on your own. She will encourage you to explore the situation’s that are causing you a problem and help you to focus on exactly what is wrong.

She will support you in finding your own way by listening to and then reflecting what is said. This gives you space to explore your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your relationship with others. Together you can work through personal, psychological or emotional problems, as well as relationship and any family difficulties.

Andrea has experience of working with a wide range of issues:

 Anxiety

 Depression

 Loss and bereavement

 Stress

 Relationship problems

 Addiction (specialising in drug/alcohol/gambling)

 Panic attacks

 Bullying

 Anger issues

 Identity

 Lack of self esteem and confidence

 Trauma

 Abuse

 Sexuality

 Divorce/separation

 Feelings around chronic illness

 Working with gender and sexuality diversity from an affirmative

standpoint (LBGT).

As part of her continued professional development (CPD), she attends courses and meets regularly with other counsellors and supervisors. Andrea follows the guidelines for good practice of her professional body, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), of which she is a registered member. She is also an accredited supervisor and member of National Counselling Society (NCS).

Andrea has regular clinical supervision of her counselling work (as all counsellors who practice should), according to the guidelines of BACP, where her working practices and clinical work are reviewed in a confidential one to one environment. Supervision helps her give you the best service she can.

She is very committed to equal opportunities and welcomes people without discrimination of age, class, culture, gender, marital status, physical ability, race, religion or sexual orientation. She respects difference, including the rights of people to hold different views.






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