Initial Consultation                      £40

Hypnotherapy Session               £70

Three session starter pack        £250

Dave Graham

Dave Graham is a clinical hypnotherapist who owns and operates the Hypnotherapy Works. He uses Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to help people with many things while his main focus is sleep related issues.

From an early age, Dave has been fascinated by the mind. He would sit in the warming glow of the television. The screen filled with the sights and sounds of ‘The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna’ and Dave would look longingly into a future of finger clicks and outrageous spectacle where he would entertain and bemuse with his hypnotic talent.

As the years past and his knowledge grow ever wider, Dave realised that the future held, not a pocket watch and bow tie, but a future of helping those in need.

Today, thanks to ‘Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training’ Dave knows better than that boy in front of the television. He knows that hypnosis is not a cheap parlour trick. He knows that hypnosis is a powerful tool for change. He may not wear the sequinned jacket that he once dreamed of, replaced as it is with jeans and a casual shirt, but he still feels like he is fulfilling his childhood dream.

Dave is available Friday’s for an appointment.


01242 790214



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