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Diana Bates

Diana has a background in complimentary therapies and a broad base of experience, having worked in various aspects of health since the early 1980’s. Inspired from an early age to work with people to help them attain good health, Diana has gained professional knowledge from working in areas such as nutrition/diet, remedial massage, skin disorders and mental health – in both private and public sectors (NHS). Also as the parent of an adult on the autistic spectrum, Diana has an in-depth personal understanding of learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyspraxia and other associated, developmental conditions.

Diana began studying homeopathy in 2009 at the School of Homeopathy – the UK’s longest running School for homeopathic practitioner training www.homeopathyschool.com. She was delighted to achieve the Advanced Practitioners’ diploma following 5 years of training with this well-established school. In addition, Diana has undertaken Continued Professional Development (CPD) training with the Welsh School of Homeopathy in Carmarthen – a 6 month course in advanced case taking. www.welshschoolofhomoeopathy.org.uk. Since training in homeopathy Diana has helped people of all ages ranging from babies of a few months old to adults in their mid 80’s, and all the ages in between. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the person & specific symptoms and personal level of health, so Diana will tailor treatment to fit each patient. Consultations are carried out on a one to one basis and each person is treated as a unique individual. As homeopathy looks at a person from a holistic view point, the overall health of the body, emotions and mind are all considered important, and taken into account when assessing and treating the individual. Diana takes time over consultations in order to gain a detailed understanding and build up a picture of a person’s health.

Diana provides an approachable, non-judgemental space where an individual is listened to and able to explore all aspects of their health. There are no “wrong answers” in the consultation – it is an accepting, safe place where confidentiality and privacy is respected at all times. Diana sees patients by appointment at the Regency Clinic in Cheltenham. She is also a member of a collective of homeopaths based in Stroud, and a member of the School of Homeopathy alumni, which provides information, organises seminars/master classes, additional training opportunities and the chance to contribute to the development of new remedies. Diana considers it important to keep her practice up to date with developments in the world of homeopathy, having trained in both classical homeopathy approaches, as well as newer techniques of case analysis, Diana aims to provide a high quality of treatment.

Consultations with Diana do not replace treatment/medication prescribed by a doctor. Any course of medical treatment, surgery/investigations, therapy etc through a GP or hospital must be continued. Homeopathy is a complimentary form of treatment (CAM) that can be used along side the majority of traditional medicines.


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