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Jane Fizor

Jane has had a long career working in the NHS working with life limiting and life threatening illness. Jane worked in Oncology for almost 30 years investigating, planning and delivering cancer treatments. While working as a Therapy Radiographer she also became qualified as a Counsellor and offered psychological support to patients, carers and families of people with cancer.

Jane furthered her Psychological support training by leaving radiography and working in the NHS in a Health Psychology setting. Here she learned to support people with many more illnesses, other than cancer. In fact, any life limiting or life threatening illness as well as promoting good health initiatives. She has worked with both the NHS (Medical Models), Charities (Holistic Models), Health Psychology (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and Hospices (Grief and Bereavement models) approaches that all help to support people with ill health or conditions affecting health and the related uncertainty and anxiety that can bring.
More recently Jane studied Clinical Hypnotherapy with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in association with the University of West London. A post graduate certificate course at level 7. Being able to use either counselling or hypnotherapy or a combination of both is a very effective way of addressing problems. Sometimes, the blocks to achieving what is needed are in the sub-conscious. To unlock this can give the client new insight into deeper emotions and allow a new perspective on some problems, for example: Phobia’s, enabling movement and bringing back balance.
I believe that with a little psychological help and the right support, new ways of coping and quality of life can return and be developed so you can better support yourself.
I belong to professional bodies such as
British Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (BACP)
British Society Clinical Hypnotherapy (BSCH)
Complementary and Natural Health Counsel (CNHC)
British Infertility and Counselling Association (BICA)





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